Things to Avoid

Don't store The Artsy Girl pieces in direct sunlight. This is not to say your piece cannot be worn outside, just do not let it sit for prolonged periods of time in direct light.

Extreme Heat. Because resin is technically a plastic, high heat is the best way to damage it quickly. So things like a sauna, dryer or hot tub is sure to damage resin pieces. For other metal pieces you are perfectly fine – just not resin pieces. 

Sharp Objects. Because resin is a soft material, sharp items can cause scratches to the surface. This includes any metal that comes into contact with the setting, including other rings, or keys. I do recommend removing any jewelry before doing cleaning, house or garden work as well, as contact with stones, sand, metal sponges, or brushes can scratch the resin’s surface. 

Cleaning Supplies, Perfumes, Alcohol-based Products, Soaps, etc. We recommend using these items before putting your jewelry on and not while you are wearing it.

Cleaning and Storing

Cleaning. If you need to clean the resin or give it a light polish, a damp microfiber cloth can clean do the trick without damaging it. You can also clean it with water and mild soap, like dish soap. 

Storage. When you want to store your jewelry, it is best to make sure it is in an airtight container whether it is a small bag, jewelry box, or both. Simply put – take the pieces off when sleeping or showering. You’ll thank me later 😊!