What's Next with the Shar Shed?

What's Next with the Shar Shed?

In my last blog, I talked about how I purchased a shed for all my creating and had the bright idea that I would finish it inside -- ha!! About that! I’ve never built anything in my life, let alone finish out a build! But as they say, first things first, so I knew I needed a concrete slab to kick things off on the right foot. Oakland Structures said that was the best foundation for the shed, and the Shar Shed was going to be built to last! I called Terry Mikell, owner of Solid Concrete Foundations and Finishes, to complete this part. What a great experience! Terry was extremely easy to work with and was very professional. He takes so much pride in his work, and I was very pleased with the final product. If you’re looking for a professional and amazing business for concrete projects, call him. You won’t be disappointed.

Solid Foundation - Done!

Next up, I needed an electrician to get her all wired up. Well, there was no way I was doing anything electrical without my friends at Realspace! The owner and his wife are my dear friends, and I knew that when you want electrical work done to perfection, you call Gene! And shoutout to my family at Sugar Magnolia! Gene and his wife Caroline own the restaurant, and in the Artsy Girl’s expert opinion, it is the best restaurant in town! I mean, they kinda know me there …just a little bit! The shed was now wired and ready to roll!

Electrical Done - And I can promise you it's done to perfection!

Resin can be a tricky medium, and you need the right temperature and humidity to make it work. So we had electricity to regulate the temperature, but we needed a way to keep it on point! So yep, I also needed insulation. Spray insulation or the pink panther stuff? Seems easy enough, and my husband even said, “Oh, baby, we can do this!!” I admired his enthusiasm, but I also wanted us to stay married! The guys from Loveday & Company came and sprayed that baby up! The next step was complete. (Shoutout to my friend Keely for helping expedite that process -- you rock, chick!!)

Insulation - Done!

But Houston, we have a problem!! What about the walls?! Those babies needed to be finished! Who would love me enough to actually do this on a budget?! I called my best friend/sister for life, and she said, “You need to talk to your buddy.” Luckily, that buddy is her husband, and she has some pull. For weeks, they drove to Statesboro, GA, from Columbia, SC, on the weekends to start the project.

It was a perfect setup; he worked on the shed, and she and I shopped! But for some reason, I started feeling bad that he was taking so much of his time working by himself (in the heat!) to do a project that needed A LOT of work. In my little non-builder brain, I had greatly underestimated the work. Whoops. But they loved me so much they were willing to do it. I’m gonna be forever grateful for that gesture. But that’s what family does, right? They support you regardless. But even though he would have, I couldn’t let him continue on his own.

Around that time, my neighbor and I were talking, and he said, “If you need help, I can help!” Word – really?! It was perfect timing and felt like divine intervention to get this shed finished.

Walls [Loading . . . ] Stay tuned… I can’t wait to tell you more about the Journey to the Shar Shed! The story indeed gets better!

The Artsy Girl
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