The Journey to the Shar Shed

The Journey to the Shar Shed

One day I decided I wanted a she shed! Wait — I’m calling her a Shar Shed! Yes, I drank the “She Shed” kool-aid from the State Farm commercial about a she shed (she-sheer) and I loooved it!

But what would I do in the Shar Shed????? And quickly my inner 5 year old self screamed - DRAW and PAINT!! Daddy (my grandparents raised me from a hand baby so I call him daddy) taught me how to draw! He started me with drawing Charlie Brown and Snoopy. We would spend hours drawing and laughing and after he passed away in 1997, I placed drawing on a shelf for a while because the thought of enjoying something without him was just too much to handle (Sleep in peace William Fennell, Sr.) But as I got older, whenever I get stressed (work or simply with life) I pick up any piece of paper and draw anything that comes to mind. And when COVID-19 forced everyone to be home, my need for a stress reliever kicked into overdrive! So what do most creative people do - they scroll Pinterest. As I was attending Pinterest University for the day and as I was pinning ideas to my “I Want a She Shed” board, I came across all of these blogs and pins about crafting and the Cricut! Word???? There is a machine that can kick my creative self in an even stronger overdrive!!!! Heck yeah...where can I find a device like this for my Shar Shed!! And as I’m strolling Joanne’s I find her....Isn’t she BEAUTIFUL??!!!!


So I thought ....hmmm that’s my focal point - the Wild Rose Cricut! Yeeees - click buy!!!!!! So I began the journey of finding the perfect rug, accessories and anything that would match my new friend for the Shar Shed!

Now to finding the perfect “building”! So I’m pumped...ready to find the Shar Shed! I call the guy who built our home and thought, “this would be easy peasey for him!" Ha ha - oh it was definitely easy, but at the tune of $30,000 - that made me chuckle so loud I was literally in tears laughing! I’m certainly not paying that - I’d never get that back in the resale of our house - nope not gonna do that! So what now? I live in a town where I don’t know a lot of people except the people I work with. How in the heck will I find someone to build a 200 sq feet building that won’t dip into my son’s college education or cost me a limb. It was like the topic of discussion for weeks!! I asked EVERYBODY who would listen - LOL! Then my friend at work said, "Why don’t you check out one of the prefab buildings?". Well that’s a great idea - let’s start looking!

So I found Oakland Structures as I was scrolling social media! I sent them an email and like magic - problem solved!! They were amazing to work with and were so helpful in answering my questions! Check them out - Ryan was awesome! I sent him a picture of our home and gave my specifications (paid for it of course) and then we were set!

My girl arrived on August 7, 2020! She is perfect!!

And of course my little guy was also excited for mommy. And I’m so excited about the wonderful things I’ll be able to create! But trust me, her arriving was only the half of it! Check out my next blog on the rest of my journey! Also check out my website: or check me out on social media @theartsygirl76 on IG where you can find my art, crafts and earrings!

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